Urgent Notice on Adjustment of Final Round of Course Selection Time


Urgent Notice on Adjustment of Final Round of Course Selection Time

(Undergraduate Program)


Dear all incoming students,


Due to the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP), we regret to inform you that we have to make adjustments to the course selection for Spring Semester in order to effectively prevent and control the spread of the NCP and guarantee the order and quality of our instruction. The detailed adjustments are as follows:


1.Course Selection Time and Rules


Please note that the time for the second and third round of the course selection has been rescheduled.


lThe second round of the course selection will end at 16:00, February 14, 2020. Please make sure you complete the selection for the compulsory courses before that.


lThe third round of the course selection will begin at 15:00, February 15, 2020, and end at 17:00, February 17, 2020.


Within the third round of the course selection, the courses will be opened to the students on a first-come-first-served basis, so please keep an eye on the course selection system in order to get the courses you want. Meanwhile, except for courses with special requirements, all the restrictions to the course selection will be canceled. During this period, please feel free to select and withdraw the courses.


From 10:00, February 24, 2020 to 10:00, March 6, 2020, the course selection system will be opened only for course withdrawal. If you decide to withdraw some courses after the online audition, please complete the withdrawal within this period.


The course selection system will be closed at 10:00, March 6, 2020. You can visit ehall.fudan.edu.cn to check your timetable for Spring Semester.


2.Mid-term Course Withdrawal

The mid-term course withdrawal will start after the students return to campus. Please kindly wait for our further notice for the specific time and procedure.


3.Website for Off-campus Course Selection

xk.fudan.edu.cn (education network)

xk.fudan.sh.cn (telecom)


More information about our undergraduate level English-taught courses, please refer to https://ogp.fudan.edu.cn/30/52/c16092a208978/page.htm.


Please make sure you complete the course selection within the required period.


4.Online Courses

Starting from February 24, the university will pilot online teaching (including all English-taught courses) until all students return to school and teaching order is restored. Students are required to arrive at school for offline teaching according to the schedule when everything is ready. For more information on back-to-school dates and arrangements, online courses, etc., please wait for the further notice from our office.


We sincerely thank you for all your understanding and support for our work. Please take care no matter where you are. If you have any questions about the rearrangement, please kindly let us know.


With kind regards,

Student Mobility Office

Office of Global Partnerships