2016 Spring Undergraduate-level English-taught Courses and Chinese Language Electives (Feb. to July 2016)



2016 Spring Undergraduate-level English-taught Courses and Chinese Language Electives (Feb. to July 2016)

2016 Spring Undergraduate-level English-taught Courses and Chinese Language Electives.xlsx


The above course list has been updated on Dec. 30 and the following three courses are added.


ECON110022.01动态的中国经济Dynamics of Chinese Economy3.0章奇ZHANG Qi40H6204Monday9:55-12:30Date:2016-05-30



ECON110023.01中国金融发展导论Financial Development in China3.0沈国兵SHEN Guobing40H6408Wednesday13:30-16:10Date:2016-06-01


ECON110024.01国际金融International Finance3.0Montserrat ReynaMontserrat Reyna100HGX207Wednesday13:30-16:10Date:2016-06-1513:30-15:30


Dec. 30, 2015



Course registration system only has Chinese version now. The English version doesn't work. Please follow the instruction below to do course registration.  

Fudan Course Registration Instruction for General Advanced student.pdf  



Course registration phases:

Course Registration System will be close and you can't login except the following phases. Please drop courses you don't want before March 11, 2016  5pm (Beijing Time). Otherwise you can't drop it any more. 


1.First Phase: course registration trial

[ADD&DROP from Dec.24,2015  8:00am to Dec. 28,2015  8:00am Beijing Time]


2.Second Phase: course registration

[ADD&DROP from Jan.6,2016   1:00pm to Feb. 25,2016  8:00am Beijing Time]  


3.Third Phase: final adjustments

[ADD&DROP from Feb.29,2016  1:00pm to Mar.11,2016  5:00pm Beijing Time]

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        4.Fourth Phase: ADD Courses ONLY, NO Courses DROPPING

[ADD ONLY,NO DROPPING from Mar.12,2016  8:00am to Mar.14,2016  8:00am Beijing Time]



Slot    Time
 1   08:00-08:45
 2   08:55-09:40
 3   09:55-10:40
 4   10:50-11:35   
 5   11:45-12:30
 6   13:30-14:15
 7   14:25-15:10
 8   15:25-16:10
 9   16:20-17:05
10   17:15-18:00
11   18:30-19:15

12   19:25-20:10

13   20:20-21:05  



Dec. 24, 2015  





Under Construction. More information will be released in late December, 2015.  


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Nov. 20, 2015