Fall 2015 Undergraduate-level English-taught and Other-language-taught Course List (Sept. 2015 to Jan. 2016)


Fall 2015 Undergraduate-level English-taught Courses and Chinee Language Electives (Sept. 2015 to Jan. 2016) 


2015 Fall Undergraduate-level English-taught Courses and Chinese Language Electives.xlsx


Classtime and Classroom Change for MANA116005.01 as follow.    


MANA116005.01项目评估Project Evaluation3.0Adriana Ramirez Roch100Classroom H3308Wednesday13:30-16:10Fina Exam Date:2015-12-16

Fudan-ITESMAdd 15 minutes per week



Note: The information in the above list is subject to change. The information, such as course name, timetable, exam dates, instructors' names and so on, which are released in the course registration system is the most updated. 


Course Registration Phases:

First Phase: course registration in your own major or Program                                             

[ADD & DROP from July 6,2015  13:00 to Aug.30,2015  8:00  Beijing Time]


Second Phase: all available courses are open                                                         

[ADD & DROP from Sept.7,2015  13:00 to Sept.18,2015  17:00   Beijing Time]                              


Third Phase: DROP ONLY, NO ADDING. After dropping, courses can't be added back again. 

[DROP ONLY from Sept.18,2015  17:00 to Sept.19,2015  8:00  Beijing Time]      


Fourth Phase:ADD ONLY, NO DROPPING. After adding, courses can't be dropped.             

[ADD ONLY from Sept.19,2015  8:00 to Sept.21,2015  8:00    Beijing Time]    


Note: Course Registration System will be close except the above phases. Students can't login the course registration system except the above phases.  

By FAO  

July 2, 2015



Under Construction. More information will be released around late of June, 2015.  

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May 26, 2015