2009/10 AY 2010 Spring English-taught and other-language-taught courses



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Nov. 20,2009

Classroom changes:
Course Code Course Name (CN) Course Name (EN) Credit Instructor (CN) Instructor (EN) Seats Classroom Timetable 24hr
ECON110023.01 中国金融发展导论Financial Development in China 3.0 沈国兵 Shen Guobing 60 201School of Economics Wed 13:30-16:05
ECON110024.01 国际金融 International Finance  3.0  Francisco Lopez 100 HGX307 Fri 18:30-21:05
MANA110027.01 项目评估 Projects Evaluation and Firms Valuation 3.0 Francisco Lopez 100 H4103 Fri 08:55-11:35
MANA110028.01 运营管理 Operations Management  3.0  Francisco Lopez 100 H4103 Thu 18:30-21:05
MANA110037.01 外国商务投资 Doing Business Abroad  3.0  Luis Sunyer 100 H6101 Wed 08:55-11:35
MANA110043.01 国际市场研究 International Markets Intelligence3.0  Ruben Sanchez 100 HGX307 Tue 18:30-21:05
MANA110044.01 商业项目管理 Business Project Management 3.0  Estela Martinez 100 H6101 Wed 18:30-21:05
MANA110045.01 商务研究方法 Business Reseach Methods 3.0  Estela Martinez 100 H6101 Mon 13:30-16:05
MANA110046.01 公司物流 Company Logistics  3.0  Chris R Deans 100 H6101 Mon 08:55-11:35
MANA110048.01 项目工程 Projects Engineering  3.0  Francisco Lopez 100 HGX408 Mon 18:30-21:05
POLI110034.01 亚太地区研究 Regional Scenario of Asia Pacific2.0  John Ward 100 H2115 Thu 13:30-16:05
POLI110035.01 国际政治经济 International Economic Politics 2.0  Eduardo Vallejo 100 HGX104 Fri 13:30-16:05
POLI110039.01 冲突解决与国际谈判International Negotiations 3.0  Rodrigo Tellez 100 H6101 Tue 08:55-11:35
SOCI110028.01 科技前瞻与社会发展Scientific and Technological Perspective3.0 Estela Martinez 100 H4201 Wed 13:30-16:05
MANA110042.01 企业发展 Entrepreneurial Development 3.0  Juan German Martinez 100 HGX508 Thu 08:55-11:35

Mar. 11,2010