Sino french Foundation for Sciences and its Applications -call for application post doctorant


As every year the Sino french Foundation for Sciences and its Applications from the French Academy of Sciences launches a call of offers in relation with the Chinese Academy of Science and the China Scholarship Council.
This year 19 positions for post doctorants are offered
You will find those positions and the desired profile in the application form .
This Call of offers is for post doctorants who are willing to come to France for a 18 months ( exceptionally 24 months) period.
During this period the post doctorant will have a 2500 euros per month fellowhsip
We stay at your disposal for any further information about our call of offers


contact person: 


Professor Jacques Caen, Co president of the Scientific council of the FFCSA

Patrick van Effenterre, Secretary General

Fondation Franco Chinoise pour la Science
et ses Applications
28 rue Saint Dominique
75007 Paris
Tel 01 53 85 92 25
Fax 01 53 85 92 29

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Application form 2011.doc